Wow, what a fun rehearsal! I had a great time and hope that you did too!

Please see below for a brief summary of what we covered today:

1. Welcome song (Concepts: A B A form, learned body percussion as echo for B section)

2. Physical warm-up: standing like a baseball player, diver, singer

3. Breath exercises ("straw" game and /ts/ hissing)

4. Vocal warm-up, pitch exploration and head voice exercises (yawns, sighs, echoes with student solos, descending 5-note scales)

5. Little Drummer Boy: reviewed verse 1 by rote practising tall vowels, reviewed verse 1 words, marched to the music.

6. Echo Song: "Kye Kye Kule" sang with movements.

7. Introduction to Adam Mason, Orff specialist.

8. Ear Training and Music Literacy: rhythm echoes in duple time, focusing on quarter notes ("ta") and eighth note pairs ("ti-ti")

9. Pat-a-Pan: briefly previewed the chorus, using actions and our voices

10. Goodbyes and sign off!

Homework: Continue to listen to the practice track for our song "Little Drummer Boy" and sing along to verse 1. You can use the track labelled "ALL VERSES" or the track labelled "VERSE 1 ONLY" for more focused practice. Please also listen to "The Beat of a Different Drum" and "Pat-a-Pan."

Stay tuned for an e-mail from me regarding 1-on-1 mini-lessons!

Great to see all the Juniors again! A special welcome to a new member of our team - TA Lane W :)

Please see below for a brief summary of what we covered today:

  1. Welcome and staff intros

  2. Warm up - major scale ascending and descending with hand signs and solfege

  3. Intros from choristers

  4. Review/continuation of "Somewhere in My Memory"

  5. Theory: pages 1 & 2 due Oct. 5th - remainder to be completed at home

  6. Sang our Goodbye Song

  7. Homework: know bars 1-17 of "Somewhere in My Memory" for next week

Have a good week, everyone!


P.S. The literacy schedule had two errors, so I will be sending an updated version in next week's Zoom email.