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Welcome to our 2022 Fundraiser, Sweets for Singers! We're offering products from small Ontario Businesses including Jakeman's Maple Syrup, Mountain View Estates Coffee, and Rhéo Thompson Candies.

Two ways to place an order:

1. Paper Copy: orders can be made by downloading the order form below. Print as many forms as you need.


2. Online Form: Don’t have a printer or want to save trees for making maple syrup!? No problem. Keep track of your individual orders and submit the total quantity you need of each product (the amalgamation of all the individual orders) on the electronic form below (keep scrolling).

Orders must be made with payment in full by Friday, November 11th. 

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Sweets for Singers 2022
Online Order Form

Please Indicate the Quantity you would like to order of each item  

How will you be paying your final total?

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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Thank you to everyone who submitted an order. Our fundraiser is now closed. We were able to raise a whopping $16,335.50 over $6000 more than our original goal of $10,000!

Our 2021 Fundraising Campaign has ended and it doesn't get any sweeter than this! We count on the revenue from this fundraiser to help us continue to provide excellent programming and activities for our singers.

Jakeman’s Maple syrup is 100% pure and sourced from local farms all over Ontario. From the Mennonite communities of St. Jacobs, and the large maple orchards in Northern Ontario to small farms surrounding their location in Beachville. The Jakeman family has been supporting Ontario communities and producing an award-winning blend of 100% pure maple syrup since 1876. Certified Vegan, Kosher, and Halal, their Grade ‘A’ Amber maple syrup is the perfect balance of flavour: not too light, yet not too dark.


Rhéo Thompson has been making chocolate and confections since 1969 in Stratford Ontario!  In case you are not familiar, they are famous for their 'Chocolate Mint Smoothie."  A Canadian family-owned-and-operated candy company that uses premium, wholesome ingredients and sustainable cocoa...need we say more!?

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Our limited edition VIVA Masks are here!

Be the first to own our new VIVA mask! This mask not only supports VIVA but also a local family business! BYOM (Bring Your Own Mask) designs and produces their masks from a local manufacturing facility in Toronto. Their vibrant masks get their colour from water-based dyes and are made with 2 layers of polyester fabric, and a polypropylene filter. They also feature a band around the back to make it more comfortable for the ears. They are completely machine washable so you can reuse your mask over and over again!

For a full preview of the mask, click here. Note that the preview shows a white border but the masks will come in all black with green type. Order yours today by filling out the form below. 

VIVA Mask Order Form

How would you like to pay for your order?

*Cheques with anything other than VIVA Singers Toronto will not be accepted. 


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