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CYLS - Nov. 6

Thank you for your voices and energy today! And for your work yesterday - lots to do here as time marches through November. ;)

Here's what we need to focus on for next week, in particular (not neglecting your other rep, of course!):

* "Gryffin" - note pounding! The full track is attached here, but you will need to do some of this on your own, too.

* "Caladrius" - work on this, please! Even listening will go a long way - watch the tricky voice-crossing moments. I'll do my best to get tracks out to you mid-week for Part 1/2 focus.

As always, reach out if you have questions - I'm always happy to help.

Happy practicing!!

10 Caladrius - solo James Robbins
Download M4A • 10.12MB

08 Gryffin
Download M4A • 6.30MB

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