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CYLS Rehearsal - Mon. Oct. 30

It was so wonderful to work with Dr Wong, wasn't it? Kudos to you all for responding so quickly and adapting your sound and approach to "Singkap Siaga" - and so cool to hear about the background of the piece, and the compositional process. Looking forward to your leadership and guidance as you share those key learnings with Chamber Singers!

As Edmee shared, we will be learning "Gryffin" for performance with the Preps and Juniors: Sopranos with Preps on line 1; Altos and Roy with Juniors on line 2. Your first rehearsal with the Ps/Js will be on Monday, November 13th. Here is the track to work with:

08 Gryffin
Download M4A • 6.30MB

We will see you all (Piya, of course, excepted) on Sunday, November 5th at 1:30 in the VIVA office ready to rehearse Handel's "Amen" and to share some of your "Singkap" learnings from Dr Wong.

Keep working on all of your material! This should include DAILY REVIEW of:

* Incipit Liber

* Dragon

* Caladrius

* Explicit Liber

* Peace on Earth

* Hallelujah

* Since by man

* Worthy/Amen

Happy practicing!! Reach out with any Qs!!

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