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CYLS Sunday Rehearsal #2

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Great job today! We missed you Laura but had a great time together.

Here is a quick summary.

  1. Warm Up

    1. body warm up

    2. breath (tsss... in for 4, out for 4/8/12/as-long-as-you-can)

    3. voice (lip trills... extending on the warm up from last Sunday working on long phrases!)

  2. Since by Man Came Death

    1. marked in EIS sections vs. where we sing (first system on the first page and second page are EIS only)

    2. listened to the recording

    3. worked on notes/rhythms for each section & put together

    4. ALTOS especially - practice your part solo in all of this piece so that you are confident... notice how you have lots of repetition in your notes :)

    5. SOPRANOS - practice ms. 12-15 for your eighth notes. Mark in slurs to help you with how the text and notes align rhythmically.

    6. ALL PARTS - practice ms. 28-30 for accurate notes

  3. We didn't get to A Medieval Bestiary but I encourage you to listen to and work on "Panther"!

In our group rehearsal with the Chamber Singers, we worked on...

  • "Singkap Siaga" - conduct while you sing to help keep yourself in time

  • "Since By Man" and also "Worthy Is the Lamb / Amen"

  • Our next step will be to add shaping... e.g. POW-er, RICH-es, WIS-dom in "Worthy"

  • Please look up at the conductor (Carol, Lydia) especially at the entrances for each phrase

  • Remember to use the tracks to learn your notes, esp. for the Handel

Thanks for all your wonderful singing!

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Edmee Nataprawira
Edmee Nataprawira
24 Οκτ 2023

Hello!! Quick update. We will not be working on "Panther" but instead you can review "X. Caladrius" (which we'll do solo) and also start looking at "VIII. Gryffin" (which we will we combine with Prep and Junior). Thanks!

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