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CYLS Sunday Rehearsal #3

Great job today! Here's a quick summary.

  1. Warm Up - Body (isolating body parts), breath (finger breathing with exhale, tsss, shh, vvv, zzz), voice (quick pentascales)

  2. Gryffin - listened to the full song and then learned it! We worked on the full piece. Other than notes and rhythms, please pay close attention to...

    1. entries - Preps and Juniors are relying on you to be solid on entries, esp. when there is harmony

    2. diction - less 'r' please!

    3. shaping - notice where there are dynamic markings and shape the phrase appropriately

    4. Please note that we are looking at a combined rehearsal with the Preps and Juniors on Monday November 13th from 5:05-5:30p.m. Mark your calendars! :)

    5. I've asked Allison the Junior Chorus conductor for her thoughts re: memorization and will get back to you. In the meantime, have a listen and practice with the recording here.

  3. Singkap Siaga

    1. we reviewed some tips and tricks that we learned from Dr. Wong to share with Chamber Singers

    2. thank you for your ideas and leadership here!

    3. here's some of what we noted:

      1. tone colour - using our hands to help us here

      2. tongue placement

      3. instrumental quality of the music

      4. sometimes this means closing to an 'ng' immediately

      5. sometimes this means accenting certain syllables (e.g. thinking of a note as the 'hi hat' of a drum)

      6. thinking about the material of the instrument and then letting that influence our diction

    4. in Chamber Choir rehearsal, Adam also worked with us on body percussion... please note that this will need to be memorized so practice with this goal in mind!

As well, we also did some singing of "Amen" in the Chamber Choir rehearsal. Please pay close attention to any TEMPO CHANGES esp. near the end as everything begins to broaden. Look up!

You sound wonderful. Regular practice will help build your security as singers, so that you are performing your best at each and every rehearsal. Keep it up!

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