EVM Oct. 4 Rehearsal

Your recordings for the Sound of Music Sing-Along are due Nov. 20.

Begin to practice both your EVM songs with the accompaniments this week. I am posting them here; they also remain in FileShare.

The EVM songs to be recorded are:

solo - EVM only: 'Climb Ev'ry Mountain'

EVM with Main: 'The Sound of Music' from the words 'the hills are alive'

Climb Ev'ry Mountain - Bb Major - MN0105412_D2
Download PDF • 207KB

009_Climb Every Mountain_EVM
Download MP3 • 2.42MB

The Sound of Music - F Major - MN0105516 (1)
Download PDF • 221KB

001_The Hills Are Alive_Main_EVM
Download MP3 • 4.16MB

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