Feb. 22 Rehearsal Summary

As singers, we have the gift of language as part of our music-making (unlike instrumentalists). We explore depth of meaning in the lyrics we sing. Now we will create meaning of our own in lyric writing/poetry creation.

To prepare for lyric writing, Britta B suggested we come to our small creation groups on

March 1, ready to share the following with fellow team members:

- Something you read this week

- A song you listened to this week

- Focus on a line or a word that resonates with you from one of those resources

- Personalize this process; avoid treating it as another task on your long list of 'to dos'

Our hope is that you will benefit from this creative process, but it does depend on YOU, and the openness you bring to it. Don't let COVID fatigue (and the inevitable considerable screen time) compromise this experience for you and your creative team!

Here are some of the literary terms which Britta believes will support your group's creative process as you write your poem(s). Review the following terms and concepts:

- alliteration, cacophany, euphony, assonance, consonance

- Be aware of shapes and sounds of language including syllable counts and syllable emphases

- Check out for synonyms, homonyms, antonyms, definitions, etc.

Thank you to those who were willing to share their 'hooks'. You received some insightful feedback from Britta last night. Have a good week, and stay well!

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