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February 26th Rehearsal

Wonderful work today. Here are your reminders for the week:

  1. Thank you for those of you who came early for theory help. Please remember that your assigned page(s) should be completed before you arrive.

  2. Celeste, Ottley and I will be at rehearsal at 4:30 for any questions and help with theory.

  3. Gifts - great work on memorizing this piece! - tell the text - make sure I can hear the full word especially ending consonants - use tall vowel sounds

  4. Kahkiyaw Oskâyak (All the Young People) - call/response lesson; - thank you Celeste for your help with the Cree text - the melody is repetitive - the text will take time to learn - good start on this song

  5. Orff with Adam - please remember and practice the body percussion and words that you learned from Adam See you next week!

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