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Friday December 1st - Dress Rehearsal for all choirs - arrival at 4:45 pm

  1. Dress Rehearsal: this is an integral part of the Concert process and is mandatory for all.

  2. No Dress Rehearsal = no Concert!

  3. Please arrive no later than 4:45.

  4. The Dress rehearsal is with all participants - Prep, Junior, Main, CYLS choirs, Toronto Consort and narrator. We will start exactly at 5 pm, so arrive at 4:45 and get settled.

  5. 5-6pm for Prep and Junior 5-7pm for Main and CYLS

  6. We will be in Jeanne Lamon Hall - where we rehearsed yesterday.

  7. REMINDER: There is no talking allowed during the rehearsal. The choir will be seated in the audience. We will practice walking on and off. It is important to practice being a chorister and just as importantly, being an audience member.

SATURDAY DECEMBER 2nd - A Medieval Bestiary Concert - arrival 5:30 pm

  1. Concert Dress: VIVA t-shirt, dressy black bottoms, and dress shoes

  2. Concert call: 5:30 pm

  3. Arrive in Concert Dress!

  4. Concert starts at 6:30 pm

  5. Singers should arrive fed, having visited the washroom, in their VIVA Concert Dress (VIVA t-shirts and dressy black bottoms for youth, black/dark shoes)

  6. Sign in/meeting place for Junior Choir is the Chapel - where we rehearse.

Choristers, I am looking forward to sharing all of your hard work and your beautiful voices with your families! Parents, please contact me if you have any further questions. It's going to be an awesome concert!

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