January 21 - Rehearsal Summary


We had a small but mighty group today at rehearsal. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday. Here is a brief summary.

  1. Welcome Song with student solo

  2. Warm-up: sighs and sirens

  3. Echo-singing with hand signs: so-mi, so-mi-la, and mi-re-do patterns

  4. Sight-singing on the staff with hand signs: so-mi, and so-mi-la patterns in F+

  5. Recorder fun

  6. just a little mouthpiece (not too much!)

  7. slow and gentle air, like you are blowing very gently on a candle and you don't want the flame to come out

  8. left hand on top (not right hand)

  9. mi-re-do patterns in G+

  10. "Hot Cross Buns" echo playing, echo singing

  11. Solfege and swara review with student solos

  12. Chana for Choir: reviewed Melody A, B, and C by rote and put it together (form is ABCA)

  13. I Made a Snowman: movement and echo song

  14. Don't Worry Be Happy: Verse 2

  15. Goodbye Song with student solo

Please get in touch if you have any questions! See you Monday! :)

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