Main Chorus Rehearsal Summary - Feb. 28

Vocal Warm-up ~ Louise

Freedom is a Voice Review, off book; sing with recording and without when you practice ~ Louise

Where is the Love ~ Carol

  • Will be COMBINED with Chamber Singers; will be memorized

  • Review from Feb. 14 Mark where mains sing chorus or ALTO

  • Two times MAINS sing ALTO ONLY: bottom Page 5 letter B, Page 6, Page 7; Mark CHORUS here

  • Page 15 Mains out - Mark CHORUS here; MAINS Sing Alto Pages 15, 16, 17, 18 except for last line of piece

  • CHORUS text - What does it mean for us right now? How can we perceive these words in a positive, useful way?

  • Sing through entire piece, in harmony.

  • Mark your own part throughout

Vara Sapta Swara ~ Julia

  • Tutti on Soprano 1 part from mm. 65-80 (pp. 4-5)

  • Everyone starting from m. 65 on your own part until m. 80

  • Main look-for: dynamics

  • Confirm pitches and rhythms

  • Then S2 & A1 from mm. 81-85, remaining parts on “ch’

  • Then S1 & A2 (note the call-and-response in measure 83-84)

  • Everyone from mm. 81-88

  • Everyone from mm. 65-88

  • From the beginning until mm. 88

  • Reminders: energized consonants, tall a vowels, engaged face

Revisit Self - Evaluations ~ Carol

  • Chorister checklists redistributed; new sheet attached for goal setting

  • Embedded in performance success is process and discipline of preparation

  • Set some goals for yourself about prep. and performance

Listen to all recordings of Main Chorus pieces. Practice Chana and Freedom off book.

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