March 11 - Rehearsal Summary

We had a great rehearsal today! Here is a brief summary.

  1. Welcome Song + check-ins

  2. create your own movements during the B Section of "Good Evening"

  3. congratulations on the Orff showcase!

  4. Warm-up

  5. sighs and sirens with movement; led by Edmee then led by choristers

  6. descending scales, focus on tall vowels

  7. new warm up (do mi re fa mi so fa la so ti la do' ti re' do') with steps and skips, first on "ah" and then on choristers' names

  8. Annoucements - no rehearsals next week (March Break) + fundraiser coming up (check your email please)

  9. Kerala Boat Song with drone

  10. full song

  11. Don't Worry Be Happy

  12. verses 1 through 3; spot check notes at "the landlord"

  13. socio-emotional check in / gratitude practice: what makes you feel happy these days?

  14. Goodbye Song

Have a wonderful March Break, everyone!

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