March 28 and April 1 - Rehearsal Summary

We had great rehearsals this past week! Here is a brief summary.


  • Mooshika Vaahana: adding in gamakas and echoing through, with the actions

  • Don't Worry Be Happy: focusing on chorus + verse 1 (this week we worked towards having students sing through whole sections independently)

  • Kerala Boat Song: focusing on chorus + verse 1

Games, Echo Songs, and Theory/Ear Training

  • Welcome Song with student creation in B Section

  • Oh In the Woods

  • Poison Pattern

  • Sight reading / decoding: reading rhythms in 4/4 time on ta, ti-ti, quarter rest, half note

It was great to see some of you in person at the scavenger hunt fundraiser, Come Together! Thanks for all the support for VIVA -- your support makes our programming possible!

April 4 (today - this Monday) - 5:15-5:45p.m. rehearsal *note the later start time.

April 15 is our recording deadline for the Prep Videos (promotional videos leading into the concert).

Thanks everyone!

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