March 4 - Rehearsal Summary

Great work today Preps!

  1. Check-In - Colour that matches with how you are feeling!

  2. Welcome to Music

  3. Warm-up - sighs and sirens with movement, descending scales (ah vowel)

  4. Orff Showcase - 5 minute drawing time to create illustrations to go with your rhyme. Please send to by Sunday at 5p.m. to be included in the Orff Showcase

  5. Don't Worry Be Happy - verses 1, 2, 3 and chorus

  6. Movement "Tapping" Game - Don't Worry Be Happy - follow the leader!

Next Monday is our Orff Showcase at 5p.m.

Please note the Zoom link in the calendar invitation and the 5p.m. start!

See you then!

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