Monday, Feb. 1 SoundTrap

Updated: Jan 31

Review of what we know so far

  • Sign in to SoundTrap with the same email you used to register initially

  • Go to your Studio page

  • “Add new track” takes you to either import a file or to get creative - Review this

  • The importance of any dark purple button on the Studio page

New tasks which lead us to creativity

Part 1

  • Click on the dark purple eighth notes at far right (top)

  • You are now in Loops

  • What are Loops? They give you a basis for song composition which capture many different vibes, moods, keys, tempi, genre, instrument, etc. (Amy chose one in a minor key last Monday.) Click on a loop to hear it. Choose one which you enjoy. Double click to Import it into a track.

  • Make your loop stretch for a couple of minutes by dragging it horizontally along the Track Lane

  • Close the Loop Library by clicking the eighth notes again

  • Learn to mute a Track by clicking the speaker (Mute/unmute this track)

  • Learn to delete a Track by hovering over the triple dots (Track options), and select Delete Track

  • Spend some time hovering over your track name, and if you are patient, it will tell you the function of each setting

Part 2

  • Now try adding one new Track

  • How? Click on Add New Track and select an instrument group, perhaps Drums & Beats are a good starting point

  • Select what you like, and what you think might go with your loop

  • X marks the exit spot to leave your instrument group

  • Try playing your tracks together; the controls for playing/stopping are at the bottom of your Studio screen

  • Amy and Tim demonstrated recording your voice; be sure you know how to do this soon

  • How do I record my voice? Select Add New Track, Voice & Microphones, and record directly. Use headphones for best results

  • Always SAVE your work (purple button, top)

Helpful Hints

  • Things to remember - There is a tutorial button at the top of Studio page (File, Edit, Settings, Tutorials). Here there are many good tutorials for you to watch. They move fast, but you can replay.

  • Recommended Tutorial Videos:

  • SoundTrap Intro. How to get started; Studio - The Basics; Studio - Tracks

Try one of our new Sing-A-Long songs for the May concert! Do you play the ukelele? Guitar? Join in!

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