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Monday March 25th rehearsal

CONGRATULATIONS JUNIORS! What a wonderful Orff presentation of your VIVA song and Front to Front dance! It was so nice to see the success of all of your hard work! Thank you to Adam for creating a poem out of all of your ideas about singing with VIVA Junior choir. Thank you to Edmee for playing piano for the Juniors.

Just a heads up about the Youth Fundraiser and Scavenger Hunt on Saturday May 4th. VIVA choristers and staff members will meet at Christie Pitts Park to participate in an exciting Scavenger Hunt. The Scavenger Hunt will give singers an opportunity to get outside, be creative, and connect with their chorister friends.

Anyone who raises a minimum of $25.00 can join us at Christie Pitts Park on May 4th from 10 am to 12:30 pm. Parents are not required to stay at Christie Pits.

How do I sign up? Confirm your participation by Monday April 8th. Here is the link to find more information

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