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Monday October 23rd

Welcome to Isabelle and Lily, two new Junior Choristers as of today. We are looking forward to making music with you. Today, after theory, the Junior Choristers warmed up with our Turkeys United song. The 8 choristers who rehearsed the piece at our weekend retreat were able to lead the others in a three part canon! Really well done! We spent most of the class reviewing our second piece in A Medieval Bestiary - Griffin. It is a tricky piece in two parts. The Preps and Main Chorus will be joining us in this movement for the December concert. Adam Mason reviewed the Dance of the Crickets that we practiced at the Jackson Point retreat. It looks really good! Lots of hopping and dancing crickets! Today Adam gave each chorister sticks to keep the beat as they moved and also to make cricket sounds. Please, please, please bring both your theory book and your music each week. It is essential to have these so that we can take full advantage of our short hour together. Thank you for your continued great work!

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