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Monday September 25th

Great work today! Here are a few points to ponder:

  1. Be Prepared: Please remember both your theory book and your music every Monday. This is your responsibility. If you are arriving for practice from school, make sure that your theory book and music are packed with your morning things. As I reminded you, I pack everything the night before and leave it at my front door. That way I know I have the essential things for the day. Thank you to the choristers who had everything ready today.

  2. Theory: Stapled to the inside cover of your theory book, you will find your assigned theory pages and due dates. You are at different levels and this is fine. We will start with theory at the beginning of each rehearsal. What isn't completed is your homework. Tyler will correct your finished work while we continue with choir.

  3. Pencils: Please remember a pencil so that you can pencil in important cues in your music.

  4. You sound fantastic: Today we practiced consonants on endings of words. We also practiced getting louder and softer to make a musical phrase. Remember to hold your music up. Sing to me, not to the floor. Please review what we did so that we can move ahead next week. We will sing "Crickets" for memory next week!

  5. Camp meeting - next Monday - after choir - 6 pm - in the gym

Keep singing!

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