November 1 - Rehearsal Summary

Great work today! Here is a brief summary of our rehearsal.

  1. Socio-emotional check-in

  2. Welcome Song: "Good Evening"

  3. Warm-Up: vocal sighs and sirens with movement scarf

  4. Do-Re-Mi: full run-through with track, focused on middle section (i.e. "a deer a female deer, DO!"), followed by another full run

  5. So Long Farewell: echo singing through whole song in longer segments, full run-through with track

  6. Oh My Aunt Came Back: movement song and game

  7. Lonely Goatherd: chorus with practice puppet (black and white)

  8. Goodbye Song: goodbye friends

Have fun practising the Sound of Music repertoire in preparation for our upcoming deadlines, using the tracks/recordings. By this stage, "Do-Re-Mi" and the chorus for "The Lonely Goatherd" should be memorized, and we now know the whole piece for "So Long Farewell" and are in the polishing stages.

Our friends at Teaching Awareness Through Puppetry would also like to say that if your kids have any questions in follow up to the workshop last Monday, they'd love to help answer! Please feel free to send any questions my way by e-mail, and I'd be happy to forward them along.

If you have any questions about the Sound of Music repertoire or the instructions for the recordings, please also feel free to send them our way. If you'd like any extra feedback prior to the recording deadlines, please feel free to reach out. Always happy to help!

Coming up:

Nov 20 - Recording deadline for "Do-Re-Mi"

Nov 27 - *extended for Prep singers!* recording deadlines for "So Long Farewell" and "Lonely Goatherd"

"My Favourite Things" will not be recorded; we'll do this as a sing-a-long at the Sound of Music concert.

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