November 2 Rehearsal Summary

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Review Les Mis movements learned to date: "At the End of the Day" page 3, "Castle on a Cloud" page 14, and "Do You Hear the People Sing?" page 29. Soundfiles are found in previous rehearsal summaries.

Rehearse your part of "Fair Phyllis", soundfiles provided here. Bass will be posted later in week. A complete recording of this piece is under Oct. 19 summary. Be sure to practice your part separately, AND together with the recording.

Fair Phyllis SOP
Download M4A • 765KB

Fair Phyllis ALTO
Download M4A • 771KB

Fair Phyllis Bass
Download M4A • 767KB

SoundTrap adventures this week:

  1. Download and record your part of "Castle on A Cloud" into your Studio.

  2. Download your part of "Fair Phyllis" and record yourself singing your part.

  3. SHARE both of these SoundTrap Studio projects with Carol &. Brad. We will give you feedback.

All concerts are digital this year. We are becoming accustomed to recording ourselves! Have a great week.

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