October 15 - Rehearsal Summary

Hello Preps,

Hope you had a good long weekend! We had a great rehearsal on Friday. Here is a summary below.

  1. Welcome Song: "Good Evening" (ABA form -- B section all together now without echoes)

  2. Warm-Up: sighs and sirens with balloon, with scarf; so fa mi re do descending pentascales

  3. Do-Re-Mi

  4. learned beginning section: "Let's start at the very beginning..." to "do re mi fa so la ti..."

  5. reviewed middle section: "Do, a deer!" to "that will bring us back to doh, oh, oh, oh..."

  6. learned ending sections: (silent) "A deer a female deer, do! (spoken)" until the end

  7. Baby Shark

  8. So Long Farewell

  9. reviewed beginning section "There's a sad sort of clanging..." to "coo coo."

  10. Goodbye Song: "Goodbye Friends"


  • practice "Do-Re-Mi" -- start to memorize it!

  • continue listening to and singing along to "So Long, Farewell" and "Lonely Goatherd"

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