October 18 - Rehearsal Summary

Great job yesterday! We did a lot of repertoire work and I was appreciative of everyone's focus throughout the rehearsal.

  1. Welcome Song: "Good Evening" (ABA Form - full piece without echoes)

  2. Warm-up: slide whistle echoes, descending pentascales on "ah" (so fa mi re do)

  3. Lonely Goatherd: learned chorus (echo singing, and then ran through); introduced coda/ending

  4. Please note that we will not be singing the verses for this song in Prep, just the choruses and the ending

  5. So Long Farewell: reviewed opening ("There's a sad" until "coo coo")

  6. Baby Shark

  7. Goodbye Song: "Goodbye Friends"

Homework: Please check out FileShare and practice singing all pieces, working towards memorization.

Coming Up...

Recording Deadlines:

  • Do Re Mi (full song) - November 20th

  • So Long Farewell (full song), Lonely Goatherd (choruses and ending) - November 27th

  • My Favourite Things - not recorded (this will be a sing-a-long on the day of the concert)

Workshops with Guests:

  • Puppetry workshop - October 25th

  • Orff workshop - November 19th

Start time for rehearsals up to and including Friday, November 5th: 4:45 p.m.

Start time for rehearsal on Monday, November 8th: 5:15 p.m.

Regarding Theory and the Recorder

You may be wondering when we are going to use our written book and our recorders! Stay tuned -- I'm hoping to launch into these after the recording deadlines for Sound of Music. Please continue to hang onto them!

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