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October 30th Rehearsal

1. Celeste, our assistant conductor, started the Juniors off with a very energetic warmup - hopping and singing at the same time! Phew! Celeste also reviewed the soprano part in Gryffin. Great work Celeste and choir!

2. We had 10 minutes to work on theory. Ottley, Celeste and I are able to work 1:1 with students who are just learning music theory. Those who have music theory knowledge need some information but for the most part, work independently.

3. Crickets is memorized! We will now work on increasing the tempo without losing text.

4. The Boar's Head Carol - first we reviewed the text of this medieval carol and then ran through the piece.

4. Creation stream - thank you Tyler for visiting! Registration is open for those who want to compose and create songs!

5. REMINDER - Family Sing (next week) - all are welcome!

6. Please practice our concert songs (Gryffin, Cricket, The Boar's Head Carol) so you know them by heart.

Great work, Juniors!

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