October 4 - Rehearsal Summary

Great rehearsal today, Preps!

  1. Warm-Up & Welcome Song

  2. physical warm-up: "Good Evening" song and stretches

  3. breath warm-up: breathing exercises + /ts/ to 4 counts

  4. voice: sighs and sirens + so fa mi re do on "ah"

  5. My Favourite Things

  6. ran through whole piece + echo sang ending a few times with chorister solos

  7. Oh My Aunt Came Back: echo and movement game

  8. So Long Farewell

  9. from "There's a sad sort of clanging" to "coo coo"

  10. we didn't sing the "So long, farewell" part but you can still practice this as we have learned it in previous rehearsals

  11. SongTale: There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea

  12. The Aquarium (Carnival of the Animals) with scarf: movement for form and expression

  13. Goodbye Song


Please practice the pieces we have worked on so far. "My Favourite Things" is all learned and should be at the polishing stage. We'll be focusing on our other Sound of Music pieces in our future rehearsals more, so please keep listening and practicing this one so that you don't forget it! :)

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