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Rehearsal notes for February 5th

  1. Thank you to everyone for getting their theory work done! Ottley, Celeste and I are always early on Mondays. If you need extra help, 4:30 - 5:00 is the best time to work with us!

  2. Vowel sounds: think about 'north-south' and not 'east-west'. Remember how we worked on the word should be a good open ah sound closing to the vvvveee.

  3. Remember to "smoothly spread the peanut butter" and "not chop the vegetables" when creating a line of music!

  4. Ending consonants are very important.

  5. Great work on Blue Skies! We have a few more pages until it is finished.

  6. Gifts should be memorized by next week! I think you know it more than you think you do!

  7. Please remember to listen to whomever is talking and keep chatting to a minimum! I have put you in a new seating plan for that reason. We have very limited time to rehearse.

See you next Monday!

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