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Rehearsal - Nov.13

Thanks for a packed rehearsal, Main Choristers!

  • Attached is our practice video for "Dance of the Dragon." Please keep working on this so that our transitions become clearer, and our execution is as rhythmic and intentional as the composition! This is particularly important for our friends who were absent: notice where your spots in the seating plan are and plan to move accordingly! Looking forward to feedback from our choreography team, Sam and Aisha, next week. :)

  • "Explicit Liber" - great improvement here! Practicing the middle (especially for our sop 1s) will be important this week.

  • "Implicit Liber" - the middle sections of this are also in need of work. Please review.

  • "Dragon" - Off-book for the first time, we had some significant moments of insecurity. Keep working on this!

  • "Peace on Earth" - this is off-book for ALL singers next week!

A reminder that Dr. Edwards will be joining us next week to hear our pieces and give some feedback on our sound. HAPPY PRACTICING!!


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