Rehearsal Summary - April 19th

We had a fun day yesterday at VIVA rehearsal! Here is a brief summary.

  1. Welcome Song: Welcome to Music

  2. Warm-Up: I Have An Echo (song) leading into sighs and sirens, with motions + solfege

  3. Quick introductions & welcome to our guests

  4. Warm-Up continued: Descending scales

  5. Orff: Review - "Happiness Runs in a Circular Motion" - song and actions. Recap B section "Famly time, happy time" and added a new chorister-composed melody for the second idea (keeping healthier with our masks).

  6. All Are Welcome: Reviewed the full song with added chorister images (thanks Anabelle and Poppy)

  7. A friendly reminder that recordings and drawings are due April 23rd and that all info for submitting recordings can be found on Chorister Corner!

P.S. Fantastic scavenger hunt results! Special shout out to Coco for her impressive VIVA nature art.

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