Rehearsal Summary - April 26th

Congratulations everyone on submitting your recordings! They look and sound great. I've forwarded your videos to our IT team.

Yesterday's rehearsal was a big Orff day! Here's a brief summary.

  1. Welcome to Music: led by Lyra

  2. Warm-Up: sighs and sirens, descending scale

  3. Ear-Training (echoing melodic patterns with hand signs): "so mi," and "so mi la" patterns

  4. Sight-Reading (pitches): "so mi" patterns and "so mi la" patterns on the staff in F+ (review and building our learning from last Friday's rehearsal)

  5. Adam Mason's visit

  6. Remembering Orff classes... What did we do in Orff this year?

  7. Happiness Runs in a Circular Motion (review song and actions)

  8. Created melodies to go with the ideas we gathered earlier

  9. If I Had a Hammer

  10. quick sing through (review from last Friday's rehearsal)

  11. Goodbye Song

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