Rehearsal Summary - December 4th

Great work today! In this rehearsal, we made a lot of good strides in our theory and ear training work.

  1. Welcome Song: Welcome to Music

  2. Warm-Up: Body (mirroring activity with singing and student leaders), Breath (inhale and blow it all out), Voice (descending major scales with a focus on the 'ah' vowel then with solfege).

  3. Aural Skills/Ear Training (melodic): echoing mi re do patterns in F+ with hand signs

  4. Aural Skills/Ear Training (rhythmic): echoing quarter/eighth note patterns with rhythm syllables

  5. Pitter Patter (mi re do patterns in F+, quarter notes and eighth notes)

  6. Do a Deer

  7. Miss White Had a Fright: quarter/eighth note patterns with rhythm syllables

  8. New concept: decoding = translate into musical language. We then applied decoding to... Miss White, Pitter Patter, and Yankee Doodle using our rhythm syllables, ta and ti-ti.

  9. Frog in the Meadow: a simple song with beat keeping (student-led movements) also using mi re do patterns in F+.

  10. Closing Song: Goodbye Friends

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