Rehearsal Summary - December 7th

Hi Juniors,

I can't believe we're officially done rehearsals for 2020! Thank you so much and congratulations on all your hard work this year.

You will find a summary of today's rehearsal below:

  1. Warm up - scale with solfege and variety of rhythmic patterns, solfege exercise, "8-7-6" shake out

  2. Sang through "Remembering Decembers"

  3. Shared what we are most looking forward to in December this year

  4. Read "Home Alone"

  5. Sang through "Somewhere in My Memory"

  6. Theory - combined group - homework: up to p. 18 (due January 11th)

  7. Sang our Goodbye Song for the last time in 2020!

I look forward to our concert this Saturday at 6:30 pm. I know you will enjoy the Junior Chorus videos, as well as getting to see the other choirs perform :)

Have a lovely Winter Break and see you in January ☺️.

Best wishes,


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