Rehearsal Summary - February 5th

Lovely work today!

  1. Welcome to Music

  2. Warm-Up: Physical stretches, buzzing bees (sighs and sirens), scales (vowels, solfege)

  3. My Pop Sailed from China: Ms. Edmee's family story + song and movement game

  4. Flying, Sighing (warm-up, student solos, half notes)

  5. Hop Old Squirrel: echoing ta and ti-ti syllables when singing, decoding last bar using ta and ti-ti while looking at notation, student-led verse creation with actions

  6. Dance of the Willow: listened to A Section here, then worked one-on-one with a TA to discuss the meaning of the song and/or key words

  7. Dance of the Willow: sang A Section on solfege (echoing)

  8. This Little Light of Mine (all verses)

  9. Announcement: Next Monday (Feb 8th) we will have a guest from our community, Däle, who will visit us for Black History Month!

Here is File Share where you can find lyric sheets and practice resources.

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