Rehearsal Summary - February 26th

Nice work everyone! That was a fun rehearsal! Here is a brief summary.

  1. Physical warm-up: movement mirroring/opposite song "You Are a Friend of Mine"

  2. Vocal warm-up: descending scales (ah, eh, ee, oh, oo), sighs and sirens, major chords (do mi so mi do on the text "yo ho ho ho ho")

  3. Dance of the Willow: A Section review & assessment (student solos), B Section introduction (movement and listening, followed by echo singing)

  4. This Little Light of Mine: polishing stage & we added movement (student-led)

  5. Mother Gooney Bird: movement and beat-keeping song

  6. All Around the Brickyard: movement and beat-keeping song with student-led actions

  7. All Are Welcome: call and response with student solos, discussion ("What does the word 'community' mean?" --> student ideas included: a group of people in a town, people who live together in a place, people who play together, people who learn together, people who sing together)

  8. Mystery Rhythm Game!

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