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Rehearsal Summary - February 27

Hello! We had a great rehearsal yesterday. It was so wonderful to see the Preps again after a few weeks away -- you made great progress with Simon, Ipek, Jo, and Julie!

Here is a quick summary of yesterday's rehearsal.

  1. Welcome song

  2. Warm-Up

    1. stand up, feet apart

    2. sighs and sirens

    3. echo singing various melodic patterns (esp. so-mi, and do-re-mi-fa-so patterns) with pure vowels plus movement cues (for "ah," "oo", "ee" and "oh")

  3. Everybody Has a Light to Shine

    1. reviewed chorus with actions

    2. identifying vowels "shine" --> "ah" and making connections to gesture from warm-up

    3. reviewed verse 1 text

    4. learned verse 2 text

  4. Circle time: The More We Get Together

    1. body percussion with 3/4 time in A Section

    2. pointing actions for B Section

    3. added singing

  5. Penguin Ball (full song)

    1. body percussion with 3/4 time

    2. identifying timing of ending consonant "T" using body percussion

    3. reviewed song

    4. students created movement "whirling and dipping"

      1. one arm movement with curves in the air and then dip down

    5. students created movement "sliding and slipping"

      1. one arm fully extended, slowly rise up and then down

  6. Movement and Orff with Adam!

    1. Acka Backa

    2. Back to back, side to side game

    3. VIVA movement chant

    4. VIVA is our playground (writing activity)

  7. Goodbye Song

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