Rehearsal Summaries for November 9 & 16

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Today's rehearsal was focussed on CONCERT RECORDING PREPARATION.

Sing through your songs each day as you prepare for the digital concert recordings to be submitted on Wed., Nov. 18 to the link in GoogleDrive emailed to you and your parents. All concert accompaniments were shared on the Nov. 2 summary and are labelled with 'Nov. 18'.

For the concert, you are recording: your own part of "In Winter", "It Feels Like Christmas", and "Pat-A-Pan" verse 3

Be sure to try recording yourself this week to prepare, and review Adam's choreography. Remember, you are off BOOK and looking up at the camera for these. Carol is available during Thursday Office Hours, as always, to help with your preparation.

Here is the link which was emailed on Wed., Nov. 11, to Adam's 2 Choreography videos. One is full speed, and the other is slow motion for rehearsal purposes. These are too large to post. Have fun! We can't wait to see these!

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