Rehearsal Summary - January 18th

Welcome to 2021! It was so great to see everyone again and to hear about your winter break. Here is a brief summary of our rehearsal.

  1. Welcome Song: Welcome to Music

  2. Announcements & Sharing: Welcome, Coco! + Winter break sharing.

  3. Body Warm-Up & Voice Warm-Up: Icicles, sighs & sirens (with student solos), descending scales (oo, ah)

  4. Spread a Little Sunshine, a New Year's song: learned chorus with actions (with a student solo)

  5. Oh My Aunt Came Back: echo song with actions

  6. Poison Pattern: quarter notes and eighth notes

  7. Melodic Ear Training: mi re do patterns

  8. This Little Light of Mine: learned first verse

  9. Move and freeze music game

See you next rehearsal!

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