Rehearsal Summary - January 25th

That was a fun rehearsal! Here is a brief summary.

  1. Physical warm-up: "You are a friend of mine" (mirroring stretches), ceiling and toes stretches

  2. Welcome Song: Welcome to Music

  3. Vocal warm-up: sighs and sirens, descending major scales on ah, oh, oo, ee

  4. Spread a Little Sunshine: singing with actions

  5. Rhythm Echoes: ta, ti-ti with drum/clapping/voice... + "you be the teacher" creation game

  6. A Sailor Went to Sea: movement song

  7. Theory book: complete/review up to and including page 8

  8. This Little Light of Mine (verse 1)

  9. Oh My Aunt Came Back: movement song

  10. Do a Deer: singing with actions and solfege hand signs

  11. Poison Pattern: quarter & eighth notes

See you next time!

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