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Rehearsal Summary - March 18

We had a great time today welcoming everyone back from the March Break!

Here is a quick summary.

  1. Welcome Song (thanks for leading this Theo!)

  2. Warm Up

    1. body (thanks for the ideas for the stretches Townsend!)

    2. "stand up" song

    3. vocal warmups -- focus was on scales (descending) and also introduced a new 'evil laugh' warm up ('eeee ah ha ha!')

  3. Sharing Time -- would you like to share something about your March Break?

  4. Everybody Has a Light to Shine

    1. reviewed verse 2

    2. memorized verse 2

    3. heard intro, then sang verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus

  5. Penguin Waltz

    1. reviewed verse 1

  6. Movement with Adam - Rhythm Playground

    1. VIVA! chant

    2. Acka Backa hand game

    3. Front to Front movement game

  7. Junior Choristers visited

  8. Goodbye Song and Announcements

Remember that next week is our Creation Showcase & Bring a Friend to Choir Day!

Invite a friend to join us and get excited to share our singing with the community. :)

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