Rehearsal Summary - March 1st

Nice work! Here is a brief summary.

  1. Vocal warm-up - "tube" singing, then "oo" vowels (sighs & sirens)

  2. Physical warm-up - "Icicles" song

  3. Descending scales on vowels

  4. "All Are Welcome" - call & response singing, discussion of the words "community" (recap) and "diversity" (new this week), student input re: ways to modify the story to match choir

  5. "This Little Light of Mine" - movement creation + lyric creation (Lyra's creation = "In the dark and in the light, I'm gonna let it shine.")

  6. "My Pop Sailed From China" - movement song

  7. "Dance of the Willow" - A section and B section

  8. Ear Training & Reading - mystery rhythm game with notation (reading), complete the phrase (solfege singing)

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