Rehearsal Summary - March 22nd

Hi Juniors,

Great to be back after our break last week! You will find a brief summary of our rehearsal below :)

  1. Welcome!

  2. Reminder about Scavenger Hunt (see email)

  3. Warm up - reviewed solfege and rhythm conventions

  4. "I Dream of a World" - reviewed up to m. 12 together, then split into J1 and J2 to work on separate parts up to m. 20. Spoke about the next section (m. 25-40), which is homework this week

  5. "This Little Light of Mine" - reviewed in sections: m. 22-42, m. 1-21, and m. 44-58.

  6. Theory - J1/J2 groups: p. 32-34

  7. Goodbye Song, led by Cece!

Be sure to be working on our pieces this week (see below for specific homework). It would be really great if you could try singing along to the piano recordings, as we want to get used to them as soon as possible.

Homework: "I Dream of a World" - m. 25-40, "This Little Light of Mine" - m. 1 - 42. Theory p. 32-35 due next Monday.

Take care,


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