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Rehearsal Summary - March 25

We had a great time together on March 25 for the Creation Showcase and Bring-a-friend-to-choir day.

Here is a quick summary.

1 - Hello and welcome to guests (welcome Willa!)

2 - Warm up (body, breath, voice)

3 - Everybody Has a Light to Shine

4 - Vocal review of our Orff pieces (VIVA, Acka Backa, Front to Front) with singing only (no movement)

5 - Adam joined us with the Juniors and we did a mini rehearsal before the show

6 - Orff Showcase time!

7 - We listened to the Creation Stream's compositions.

8 - We learned about the Inclusion Team's work and the connections between the Creation Stream, Inclusion Stream, and programming for VIVA choirs in future seasons.

9 - We sang Children of the Rainbow and Sing Your Way Home as a combined choir.

We also went over a number of important dates and announcements, especially pertaining to upcoming events like the Spring Fundraiser and Spring Concert. Please refer to the weekly e-newsletter for the most recent updates!

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