Rehearsal Summary - March 29th

Hi Juniors,

Hope those of you who celebrate are having a lovely Passover :)

Thanks for your hard work on "I Dream of a World", as well as working so well with Adam today on our Orff creation project. There is a brief summary of our rehearsal below.

  1. Warm up

  2. "I Dream of a World" - J1/J2 groups, worked on m. 25-40, and 41-49. The remainder of the song is homework - to be prepared for next rehearsal.

  3. Orff work with Adam

  4. Theory (J1/J2 groups) - p. 35 and 36

  5. Goodbye Song, led by Aria!

Homework: 1. "I Dream of a World": learn m. 50 - end (remember J1 and J2 have different parts) once you receive the practice video, prior to that practice m. 1 - 49 please. 2. "This Little Light of Mine": review/memorize m. 1 - 58. Theory is p. 35/36.

Please be sure you are practicing hard, and make sure you're still submitting your theory each week. Sound files to practice with are coming soon! Have a great long weekend and, if you celebrate, a lovely Easter.



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