Rehearsal Summary - March 5th

Great work today! Here is a brief summary.

  1. Welcome Song: Welcome to Music

  2. Rhythm Sight Reading Assessment: Rhythm Rescue storybook with drums and rhythm sticks (100% accuracy from all students today. Great work!)

  3. Body & vocal warm-up: descending scales on pure vowels (mini-lesson on tall vs. spread vowels)

  4. Dance of the Willow: full song (mini-lesson on form / looking for patterns in lyrics)

  5. This Little Light of Mine: full song with new verse ("In the light and in the dark") + brief discussion ("What does it mean to let your light shine?")

  6. Movement Game: piano cues - staccato, legato, slow, fast, descending patterns, etc.

  7. All Are Welcome: echo singing verse 1 on solfege, student solos

  8. Applying rhythm sight reading to the major scale: rhythm cue cards

  9. Goodbye Song: Goodbye Friends

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