Rehearsal Summary - March 8th

Nice work today -- and welcome to our newest Prep Chorus member, Ivy! Here is a summary of our rehearsal.

  1. Getting to know each other: favourite ice cream flavour

  2. Welcome Ivy and Dale!

  3. Dale shared a poem with us for International Women's Day

  4. Getting to know each other: introductions & favourite animal

  5. Welcome Song: "Good Evening" (ABA form with animal movements for the A section)

  6. Vocal Warm-Up: descending scales

  7. Dance of the Willow: sang through + echo singing B section (with student solos)

  8. This Little Light of Mine: sang through with student-created verses

  9. Cobbler, Cobbler: introduced song, keeping the beat with rhythm sticks and drums while listening, echo sang on rhythm syllables, ear training with solfege

  10. All Are Welcome: echo singing on solfege, fill in the missing solfege (with student solos)

  11. Movement: moving to the piano cues

  12. Flying, Sighing

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