Rehearsal Summary - November 13th

Great work today! Here is our rehearsal summary.

  1. Welcome to Music (Echoed A section, did movement to B section, then learned how to sing the B section)

  2. I've Got Peace Like a River: Singing with actions, looking at lyrics and then notation

  3. Solfege: I've Got Peace Like a River

  4. Solfege: Major scale ascending and descending with the solfege ladder

  5. Pat-a-Pan: Focus on Verse 1, for fun we took a video of ourselves doing some actions.

  6. Pat-a-Pan: Explanation of how to record the whisper. Please use this track.

  7. I've Got Peace Peace Peace in My Heart: Chorister led movement creation, then learned all verses with actions (steady beat, prep for form)

  8. VIVA Prep Workbook up to Pg. 6

  9. Goodbye Song and signed off

Homework: Please send in any recordings that haven't been submitted yet. Thank you! They have been great so far!


Some folks have been requesting a more centralized space to find all the tracks. What a great idea. I've made two Google folders which contain the tracks needed for each tune, in case the Chorister Corner posts are difficult to navigate. I'll make sure that these are sent to you by e-mail as well.

Little Drummer Boy:

Pat a Pan:

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