Rehearsal Summary - November 16th

Hello Juniors! Great rehearsal today :)

I know I've said it already, but it's worth saying again: thank you SOOOO much for your hard work on the recordings! They sound great. And I love your accessories in "Remembering Decembers" :)

Below, you will find a summary of today's rehearsal:

  1. Welcome!

  2. Warm up - reviewed major scale with solfege and hand signs, as well as vowels through voice and gesture

  3. Discussed recordings of "Pat-a-Pan" and "Remembering Decembers" - thank you, all!

  4. "Pat-a-Pan": worked on speaking the text to the correct rhythm, discussed different vowels in the piece, sang through the verse in sections, worked on singing and clapping the trickiest rhythm (m. 40 and m. 48), and then sang through the whole verse to make sure everyone is solid on their part. Whew!

  5. Theory - J1/J2 groups

  6. Sang our Goodbye Song!

Homework: Pat-a-Pan recording due Wednesday November 18th (at the latest). Please see the email from Sunday for detailed instructions and necessary files. After that, take a well-deserved break! Theory pages for this week are p. 13-14.

You are all such dedicated singers! Thank you for the excellent work on the recordings.

Have a good week :)


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