Rehearsal Summary - November 21st

What a fun rehearsal! Today, we focused on solfege and rhythms using various short songs, games, and poems which functioned as playful ear-training and pre-reading activities. We had many opportunities for student leadership today. Keep reading for a brief summary of our rehearsal!

  1. Welcome Song: Welcome to Music

  2. Movement warm-up with piano

  3. Down By the Bay: echo song, lyric creation, then rhythmic practice ('ta ta ta ta') with chorister kits

  4. Ear Training: Quarter notes and eight notes with rhythm syllables and rhythm sticks (aural skills)

  5. Kye Kye Kule: echo song + movement, then rhythmic practice ('ta ta ta ta' and 'ti ta ti ta ta') with chorister kits, with child leaders

  6. Solfege Ladder & Ear Training: review of hand signs while singing descending major scales, then focus on 'mi re do' sing backs in F+

  7. Yankee Doodle: keeping the beat (concepts: quarter notes & eighth notes, 'do re mi' patterns in F+) while listening and singing, child leaders for movement creation and tempi

  8. Miss White Had a Fright: spoken poem (concepts: quarter note & eighth notes) with lyrics, rhythm syllables, then a combination of the two

  9. Poison Pattern rhythm game: using quarter notes & eighth notes in rhythm syllables

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