Rehearsal Summary - November 27th

Great rehearsal everyone! Today's rehearsal was focused a lot on musicianship skills. Here is a brief summary.

  1. Welcome Song: Welcome to Music

  2. Warm-Up: Body, Voice (sighs and sirens)

  3. Prep Chorus Book: We worked up to page 6, and we used drawings, pipe cleaners, and movement to represent sound. We also previewed page 7.

  4. Do-a-Deer: Singing chorus with actions and with hand signs

  5. Aural Skills (melodic): F+ mi re do patterns with hand signs while following along with solfege ladder

  6. Aural Skills (rhythmic): Reviewed & assessed echoing patterns in duple time (quarter notes, eighth notes) in small groups. We used body percussion and various instrument in our prep chorus kits. We also used rhythm syllables.

  7. Guided Creation/Improvisation (rhythmic): Listen to a two-bar rhythmic pattern in duple time, then echo back bar 1 while making up bar 2.

  8. "Poison Pattern" Game at various tempi, both with rhythm syllables and with instruments only.

  9. Pat-a-Pan Sing-a-Long: We sang through all 3 verses at a medium tempo.

  10. Goodbye Song

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