Rehearsal Summary - November 2nd

Hi Juniors!

We had a very busy but productive rehearsal this week :) Good work on our newest song, "Pat-a-Pan"!

See below for the summary of today's rehearsal, as well as your homework for this week.

  1. Warm up - Major scale in different keys, reviewed vowel shapes

  2. Went over "Pat-a-Pan" homework and discussed meaning of some of the words

  3. Sang through ALL of "Somewhere in My Memory" - noting differences in the final section

  4. Theory in J1/J2 groups

  5. Sang our Goodbye Song!

Homework: 1. Record ALL of "Somewhere in My Memory" (memorized and using the accompaniment track attached to this post) - more instructions will be coming by email very soon 2. Review m. 37-44, and learn m. 45 - end in "Remembering Decembers". If you have time, try to practice our verse of "Pat-a-Pan"!

Somewhere in My Memory - Piano
Download MP3 • 4.33MB

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