Rehearsal Summary - November 30th

What a fun and productive rehearsal! Here is a brief summary.

  1. Welcome to Music

  2. Warm-Up: Body warm-up (elbow circles)

  3. Warm-Up: Sighs and Sirens (searching for... cats? dogs? treasure? maple syrup orders?)

  4. Reminder: Please check your email for maple syrup pick up times. Relevant info is in last week's VIVA e-newsletter!

  5. Warm-Up: Descending pentascales with in solfa (so, fa, mi, re, do) with hand signs

  6. Do, A Deer: singing with actions and hand signs

  7. Rain on the Green Grass: echo speaking and then echo singing with actions (Concepts: quarter & eighth notes, so-mi and mi-re-do patterns in F+)

  8. Pitter Patter: singing with actions (concepts: quarter & eighth notes, mi-re-do patterns in F+)

  9. Kye, Kye, Kule: echo singing on text with movement, then in solfa with movement

  10. Aural Skills: mi-re-do patterns in F+

  11. Little Drummer Boy: sung through all 3 verses in F+

  12. A Ram Sam Sam: singing with actions, then with drum in F+

  13. Oh, My Aunt Came Back... A silly song! We worked on steady beat and had fun being a little goofy!

  14. Yankee Doodle: sung on text while keeping the beat (student-created actions), then echoed using rhythm syllables (quarter and eighth notes). This also uses mi-re-do patterns in F+.

  15. Goodbye Song

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